Happy Birthday

There is a very special birthday we will be celebrating tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Chad!  I hope you have a great day with your growing family, ya old man!  Chad is turning 32 tomorrow so in the CrossFit spirit, we will celebrate with a little “Chad” style workout.  He like Cleans and I was told by … More Happy Birthday


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” -Albert Einstein “Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.” -Confucius “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” -Helen Keller 30th Of March Year 2021 Accessory 4 Sets Of: 8 Kettlebell Turkish … More 3.30.21

Hip Hip Hooray!

And that’s a wrap!  The last Open workout is done with this year.  Check it off the list…. Cross it off your calendars… we did it!  You all did fantastic!  Truly an honorable effort from our CFLOTW gym fam and great energy from this crew.  Thank you all for making this year a success and … More Hip Hip Hooray!

Know Thy Self

Just a few things to say about this week’s, and last, Open workout.  You guys got this!  You have prepared and are prepared.  This workout could easily be a light version of a Brosesh.  And the complex isn’t anything new that we aren’t familiar with.  We do more of these complexes in weightlifting class when … More Know Thy Self

Last Open

We will be having a change in Thursday’s times.  We will be closed during normal Open gym hours but….they will be releasing the Open at noon from what they mentioned during last week’s Open announcement, so… this week we will be opening from 12 -2 if you want to come in for open gym.  There … More Last Open

Always Finish Strong

Another great Open workout!  I loved seeing everyone give their hearts on this one.  This one came like a storm and did it’s worst, but you guys grabbed it by its beard and gave yours back.  I am proud of each of you that entered that workout’s turbulence and finished strong.  That’s more important than … More Always Finish Strong

Open Workout 21.2

The second Open workout is a repeat from 2017.  The first time they introduced DB’s into the Open, they came out swinging… and HARD!  This is a demanding workout on the entire posterior chain.  Good ‘ol DOMS!  I recommend a one and done for this workout unless you feel certain a better time is possible… … More Open Workout 21.2

Respect The Equipment

Imagine if he did CrossFit!! Also, please remember not to drop to 10lb plates.  Even the 15’s don’t hold up so well with dropping.  Help me out by please setting these down when using them.  They are expensive, but even buying right now, these plates are incredibly hard to find and are continuously sold out.  … More Respect The Equipment