Hip Hip Hooray!

And that’s a wrap!  The last Open workout is done with this year.  Check it off the list…. Cross it off your calendars… we did it!  You all did fantastic!  Truly an honorable effort from our CFLOTW gym fam and great energy from this crew.  Thank you all for making this year a success and a smooth enjoyable and safe season.  You all helped a great deal with volunteering to help judge, coming in to support your gym fam, and bring the positive vibes needed to have a great environment to hit each of those workouts hard.  You guys killed it!  So many great moments and things to say about it, but I want to let the dust settle a little bit, but for now I wanted to acknowledge Bart.  This guys is incredible.  Not only is Bart a great guy that always comes in with a smile ready to hit each workout (Which he is cause he tells me), but his attitude each day is infectious.  I asked him if he was going to do the Open and he said he wasn’t sure, he was thinking about it.  I told him I think most of us are all in this similar boat…. not sure how we’ll do because we just don’t feel as fit this year.  I told him I think the world of CF is in that boat and that’s just what the Open is all about.  To see where we are right now… today… this moment in time… and at this season of our lives.  And as soon as I was done he said, “Ok.  I’ll do it.”  I told him he makes my job easy, and we laughed.  So all that said, the main point is about this last workout.  The scaled option wasn’t very scaled.  Instead of CTB Pull-Ups it was regular unassisted Pull-Ups.  That’s a rough hand to be given in some sense.  And good ‘ol Bart came in ready to do what ever he could with the cards that were dealt to him.  “It’s just another cold dark night on the side of Mt. Everest.”  I have that written on the white board in the back.  That just means if you are on Mt. Everest and it’s dark and cold…. that’s to be expected.  YOU ARE ON MT. EVEREST!  What did you expect.  It’s not about complaining or making excuses, but focusing and doing the things that are in YOUR control.  The weather isn’t in your control.  The fact that it’s cold or hot isn’t in your control.  These Open workouts aren’t in your control.  And with this long winded paragraph I will end with Bart got his first UNASSISTED Pull-Up.  It was with all definition… amazing.  A little trial and error and with a big effort and bigger heart he got it!  Your first Pull-Up is monumentally significant.  And Bart got 6.

And now back to our regular scheduled program!

29th Of March Year 2021

5 Sets Of:
2 Front Squat + 1 Back Squat w/ 5 Sec Pause @ Bottom
**This squat complex is not necessarily Unbroken, but a quick rerack repositioning the bar from Front Rack to Back Rack Relative to the lifts.

7 Power Snatches @135/95
14 Ballslams
7 Overhead Squats @135/95
14 Slamball Walking Lunges

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