Know Thy Self

Just a few things to say about this week’s, and last, Open workout.  You guys got this!  You have prepared and are prepared.  This workout could easily be a light version of a Brosesh.  And the complex isn’t anything new that we aren’t familiar with.  We do more of these complexes in weightlifting class when we have them, but either way, we talk a lot about knowing yourself and how that can, and does, translate into a specific circumstances.  Knowing what opening load for this complex is important as it will give you a number and momentum going into this very tight window of a time domain.  And consider two things…. you will be fatigued.  That will transfer some into your ability to lift… but mind over matter.  IT IS POSSIBLE.  And two, don’t hesitate being conservative on your first complex, BUT, also know you also do not have a lot of time.  So, getting in multiple sets is tricky when going heavier as you will need rest because you just did 21.3 and as the clock ticks you will also need rest between sets because you will be lifting more weight.  Call it a game “will” and “wit” somewhat.  What is doable and what is ideal are two very distinct aspects that will help give you some insight of how to approach 21.4 with both going into it and how you what to finish it.  We’ve done tight time caps where we’ve built to heavy, we’ve done EMOM’s where we build…. now use what you have that’ll, and should, test both your physical capacity and what’s between the ears!

There is only this moment and the next…. you will decide how this ends when it is all said and done.  Each of those moments is a test……

26th Of March Year 2021


!21.3 and 21.4!
15 Minute Time Cap:
15 Front Squats
30 Toes-To-Bars
15 Thrusters

Rest 1 Minute

15 Front Squats
30 Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups

Rest 1 Minute

15 Front Squats
30 Bar Muscle Ups
15 Thrusters

Immediately Into 21.4
In 7 Minutes complete the following complex for max load of:
1 Deadlift
1 Clean
1 Hang Clean
1 Jerk

Congrats to these brave souls that kicked off our last Open workout for the year.  You girls did amazing!  I’m proud of you and kicked some serious butt!  Way to go.  Way to flex on your coach 😉 lol


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