There is a show on Netflix, I don’t think it’s new because there are three seasons out right now, called “Explained.”  I started watching some of it this weekend.  Very interesting and entertaining.  It grabs your attention while cleverly delivering information about and on all kinds of topics.  I particularly enjoyed “Country Music” “Dogs” “Chess” … More Intervals

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday!  A quick workout, a lighter barbell, or just tailoring the workout to your immediate needs is better than no workout.  Active recovery is also a terrific choice… utilizing Open Gym is a great time to add in any extra activity! 18th Of October Year 2021 Strength Back Squats 1×15 @60-65% 2×8 @70-75% 3×3 … More Motivation Monday

Friday Funday!

15th Of October Year 2021 Conditioning Chipper 10 Sandbag OTS 30 Burpees 30 Power Snatches @75/55 or 95/65 30 Pull-Ups 30 Box Jumps 30 Cal Bike 30 Box Jumps 30 Pull-Ups 30 Power Snatches 30 Burpees 10 Sandbag OTS

Normal Schedule

All class will resume with normal schedule tomorrow.  Have a great Columbus and Indigenous Day!  See you all TOMORROW! 11th Of October Year 2021 Strength EMOM 14 8 Walking Lunges 8 Push Press Conditioning AMRAP 10 Ladder Increasing by 2’s Toes To Bar Hang Power Cleans @115/80