Final Friday Funday

Look out for a blog tomorrow.  It will be about the other update I mentioned earlier this week and about how we will attempt to host the Open in addition to a reminder to moving day this weekend that will be after our final workout, the infamous Brosesh (@10am)!  I’ve really tried to be hopeful … More Final Friday Funday

What A Day!

Today was one of those, “I got fitter today,” days.  Heck of an effort from you guys!  I wish you all would be in an Elementary School play so I could go watch you and record it while simultaneously mouthing your lines like a proud papa. 16th Of February Year 2022 Strength Strict Press 4×1 … More What A Day!

Monday We Squat!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  See you all tomorrow for this goodie of a workout! 14th Of February Year 2022 Strength Back Squats 2×15 3×5 1×1 Conditioning Fight Gone Bad Style 3 Round Of: Slamball Box Step Ups Ballslams Bench Press @135/95 Bike Kettlebell Clean and Jerks @53/35 Rest

Vegas Baby, Vegas

Tomorrow we will do a fun conditioning piece.  Similar to “From The Hat,” it’s one of my favorites.  We’re guna do a spin off of it though, as each class will give their favorites movements to incorporate into this workout.  Also, we no longer have a 5am crew, so I am officially cancelled the 5am … More Vegas Baby, Vegas

Define CrossFit? And What It Is That We Do

The posterior chain is the strongest chain in the body.  In 1st world countries, cultural and modern lifestyles have reduced the bodies natural progression and functional design.  Jenae mentioned that CrossFit is badass for many reasons, and one is because of it’s priority to honor those that have died in the line of duty by … More Define CrossFit? And What It Is That We Do

3 More Weeks

8th Of February Year 2022 Accessory 3 Sets Of: 8 Bulgarian Split Squat 12 Barbell Floor Wipers 30 Sec L-Hold Goat Training Conditioning AMRAP 14 8 Walking Lunges @95/65 or 155/105 10 BUS Burpees 14 Dumbbell Snatches