Happy Birthday

There is a very special birthday we will be celebrating tomorrow.  Happy Birthday Chad!  I hope you have a great day with your growing family, ya old man!  Chad is turning 32 tomorrow so in the CrossFit spirit, we will celebrate with a little “Chad” style workout.  He like Cleans and I was told by a little birdy not to go easy on him, so I came up with this little, double trouble, 15 minutes of joy.  I almost wanted to throw in the Hero workout “Chad,” but I feel I gotta be easy with his knees and joints at his age now.  By the way Chad, the doctor called and wanted me to remind you of your colonoscopy appointment on Monday. Hahahaha JK JK.  Sorry buddy that popped into my head and I had to put it.  lol.  I’m having too much fun here so let’s all wish the Chadster a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and all of CFLOTW wishing you many more brotha!

Chad is also freakishly strong.  This was a cool video I took a while ago of him that I had wanted to save to show Kelsey.  What are you feeding the man??

31st Of March Year 2021

2 Clean and Jerks
2 Squat Cleans
2 Power Cleans

500m Row
ME Devil’s Press 50/35

Rest 2 Min

500m Row
ME Wallballs

Rest 2 Min

32 Cal Row
ME Power Clean and Jerks @135/95

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