This is a cool pic of a few of the 6:30pm crew going at the Kalsu Calorie and Toes to bar workout.  I especially like how it either looks like Gabe and Bart are going synchronized or trying to race each other lol.  Gabe’s usually class is 9:30am so he’ll come in mon-wed-fri since we … More Long EMOM

Mystery Workout

Tomorrow’s workout is a mystery!  I may even post it on our Instagram page…. Ooooo!  It won’t be too bad but the way it sounds I prefer it to be a mystery.  No one hates the Rower more than I do.  It literally upsets me lol.  I don’t mind any other movement we do but … More Mystery Workout

Reposition The Barbell

28th Of June Year 2021 Strength Front Squats 6×3 @By Feel **Ascending/Working Sets; use the 6 sets of 3 reps to work up in weight Conditioning I stole this one from the Instagram.  It looks fun! 10 Rounds Of: 2 Bear Complex @135/95 5 Burpees 20 Double Unders **Time Cap 16 Minutes

Friday Funday

I like Ronaldo even more now. 25th Of June Year 2021 Strength Split Jerk 5×3 Conditioning AMRAP 14 10 Overhead Squats @95/65 or 135/95 15 Kettlebell Swings @1.5 Pood 15 Push-Ups

Friday Funday!

30 total reps on the Deadlifts for tomorrow’s workout.  It’s meant to be on the heavier side as it is the only loaded implement that can be thought of as a strength piece.  Don’t forget to grab some poker chips!  It’ll make keeping track of your rounds much easier.  Then all you have to focus … More Friday Funday!