Iron Addict

At weightlifting today we finished with this EMOM and it reminded me of this video from awhile back.  The original version of The Bear Complex was 7 reps of this barbell series!  It’s brutal!  We will do it as 1 complex as show in the description listed under the EMOM and like the video.  Rich … More Iron Addict

Legs Now Arms

Another great effort from everyone on today’s workout!  A good EMOM… a quick AMRAP… I’d call that a good day.  We have a little cold front that came into town, so I hope everyone bundles up out there tomorrow.  So much for small talk… I’m literally talking about the weather   See you all mañana! … More Legs Now Arms

Breaking Barriers

Tomorrow, again, the Doña Ana Sheriff’s Department Academy will be here in the morning so 6am is cancelled.  After tomorrow I won’t see them until March 26th and 6am Tuesday will go back to normal for awhile.  Thank you 6amers and see you Wednesday! Teka did it!!  He took Greg Amundson’s time!  It was super … More Breaking Barriers

Strength And Conditioning With An Indomitable Spirit!

You can’t spell legendary without legday!  Try to stick to the percentages provided, as this rep scheme and loads should provide a good “legday” stimulus to continue with our strength focused Mondays!  The workout portion is another iconic 21-15-9 formatted conditioning piece that is actually, like “Fran,” a quick and fast burner.  The short video … More Strength And Conditioning With An Indomitable Spirit!

Just A Fun Little Workout

Enjoy. 19th Of February Year 2020 Conditioning  We begin at the top of the list for each AMRAP. AMRAP 2 AMRAP 6 AMRAP 12 For Time: 15 Clean and Jerks @135/95 25 Pull-Ups 15 Devil’s Presses @50/35 25 Kettlebell Swings @2 pood 30 Thrusters 40 GHD’s 50 Wallcrawls 100 Double Unders 400m Run

Honorable Mention!

Today there is a huuuuge shot out to Sophia!  She got her first Unassisted Bar Muscle Ups!  And boy did it look pretty!  I’m not left speechless often, but I truly was for a moment.  She just kipped, swung, and perfectly floated over and around the bar.  I looked at her and thought wow that … More Honorable Mention!

Light Your Hair On Fire And Hang On For The Ride!

Tomorrow we will hit some ‘ol Intervals!  So, with these piece, every set at every movement MUST be unbroken!  This is crucial to ensure we get ourselves back to the bar for the Hang Power Snathces.  Another key component is not to go too heavy.  We need to tailor this to, again, keep the sets unbroken, … More Light Your Hair On Fire And Hang On For The Ride!