Please Read Me

So our last post was titled “We’re Back”…. not quite.  Well, not in the way and manner we’d like to be.  Below is the contact list of our Mayor and City Councilors.  I need your help guys.  If you would be willing to call and/or email and let them know how you feel.  They are … More Please Read Me

We’re Back!

Well it looks like we’re going to be officially back in business!  Monday June 1st we will have our doors open once again.  I will have a video up this weekend of our contingencies that will be in effect for everyone’s safety and how we will be running gym time!  Much of it is standard … More We’re Back!

Memorial Day

  We had so many of our gym fam doing Murph even given the current circumstances.  I got a few pics and I got to see sooooo many of you tagging me on social media… I even recieved a great phone call from our John!  Thanks again John for the call and the chance to … More Memorial Day


It’s that time!  Memorial Day Murph is here.  Unfortunately we didn’t make the re-opening date for Memorial Day Murph.  We can’t change that… we aren’t in charge of that, but we our in charge of our attitudes and choices.  We can still do Murph and the reasons and purpose why we do Murph, why it … More MEMORIAL DAY MURPH


I know I already posted a picture of this, but I wasn’t finished with it.  I was excited how little details make something so much more meaningful.  My dad helping me get this thing put together is one… the second is adding new techniques.  The hidden bolt that swivels the white board was tricky, and … More Merica!

Half Way

It’s pretty crazy to think, and realize, that we are just about at the half way point with 2020.  It definitely doesn’t feel like it.  It sure doesn’t look like it.  How ever it seems though, we are approaching June.  The warm sun has set in as it bakes our garages, and rises earlier and … More Half Way

Gym Make Over!

I’ve been working on some improvements to spruce up the place for our re-opening hopefully beginning of June.  I’m super excited for you all to see them!  I wanted to keep them a surprise so when you come back it’ll feel special and kinda like the first time in these walls…. but I couldn’t wait!  … More Gym Make Over!