And Finish Strong They Did

The top time for the female division in this last Open workout was by Emma Cary… her time was 8:51.  That is insane! Oh, and she’s 17 years old…. and winning the Open right now.  The second female leading in the Open is also 17 y.o. 😮

A couple of honorable mentions from today.  Kristin you are an animal!  Kristin just had Strep Throat… she’s not contagious anymore so she came in today and got her 21.2 in.  I don’t think anything would have stopped her from doing it! lol.  You could tell she was still feeling some of the aftermath from that condition.  And the cool part was her finish… she finished her last rep collapsing right at the beep!  It was incredible to watch!  Way to go Kristin.  Also, Caitlin.  I don’t like to play favorites, but she redid 21.2 like a crazy person after doing it on Saturday.  She wasn’t happy with her performance and thought she could do better.  Like I had mentioned, one and done… unless you feel certain you could improve your time.  Way to show me up!  lol.  But, we talked and she was convinced she could, or at least give it a try.  The regret in retrospect of not trying after the Open is over would have been a bad taste… so,  she had one day rest and just wanted to finish.  She did… with just over 2 minutes to spare.  These two definitely showing the meaning of finishing strong like yesterday’s post!  Congrats girls!

I guess today is making up for missing International Women’s Day (Wasn’t my intention, but all these things happened today and I’m writing this now thinking why not! #girlpower!)  Below is a 1 minute video of Amberley Snyder.  She’s a barrel racing on the pro circuit that is paralyzed from the waist down.  I’ve seen her at the NFR… ON TV!  I wanted you all to see how she gets on her horse… who says CrossFit isn’t functional and doing pull-ups and muscle ups doesn’t happen in real life.  Well, this is her real life, and she’s making the most of it… on an elite level with other girls that live and breathe riding… and they ride fast.  I meant a couple women on the pro circuit and they ride better than any guy.

23rd Of March Year 2021

1-2 Power Clean @85-90%1RM
30 Sec Russian Twists
30 Sec GOAT Training

325m Row
20 Wallballs
10 Power Cleans

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