9:30am Cancelled

**A QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT** Tomorrow’s 9:30am time slot will be cancelled.  My dad and I are making cabinets for a new home and have to go buy the wood for it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I wanted to get the blog out earlier than normal to give you 9:30ers a heads up.  Thanks guys and … More 9:30am Cancelled

You’re A Unicorn

If you’re bored on a Tuesday, check out these pics, and then come workout!  I don’t address the importance of maintenance work like specific warm ups, cool downs, and extra mobility work as often as perhaps needed, and it is needed often (especially when your body is trying to talk to you about it).  But, … More You’re A Unicorn

Friday Funday, Birthday Wishes, and Of Course Youtube

A belated, but HUGE, Happy Birthday to Melanie!!  You are such a kind and gentle soul.  Melanie is always a genuine delight.  She’ll smile at you with that contagious smile, and ask how your day was and listen.  A genuine question, not only waiting for her turn to speak, but really wants to know how … More Friday Funday, Birthday Wishes, and Of Course Youtube

Leave A Legacy

I took a couple of the movements and the thoughts from Kristi O’Connell.  She is a Games athlete and Affiliate Owner of CrossFit Polaris in Columbus OH.  I continue to get ideas and learn from others and articulate it in my own way.  I feel like once you feel you know it all… you’ve lost … More Leave A Legacy

The Divided Brain

Many common misconceptions exist in our vast world of exercise science.  A lot also exists in other equally profound walks of life.  Before I was amused by the idea of being an endearing gym rat watching lives change, transition, and grow,  I wanted to become a doctor.  I think our brain is the most special, … More The Divided Brain

Back For More

Getting back to the gym. This workout makes for a good Friday. I encourage everyone to come in with an idea of what barbell movement they want to incorporate into their EMOM. The choices of the aerobic machine is also up to you. Early bird gets the worm on those, but choose from the rower, … More Back For More