Partna Workout!

Hoodies will be scheduled to order by Wednesday! Don’t forget to add your name to the list if you want to stay warm in our Tundra of a winter that we get in Southern New Mexico with an EXCLUSIVE CFLOTW Hoodie! They will be 50 dollars and you can pay when we get the hoodies … More Partna Workout!

Halloween Wednesday Gules and Goblins!

Halloween week! This year Halloween falls on a Thursday, and being Open gym we don’t have a normal class schedule, soooooooo we’re gonna dress up early! This Wednesday we’ll have a Halloween Throwdown day! Come in dressed to impress for your workout for normal scheduled classes… Halloween costumes that is! There’s been several people talking … More Halloween Wednesday Gules and Goblins!

All The Vibes

First off, a HUGE thank you to everyone who stayed to help paint this weekend. It was no small job and I’m sure you all had other things you could have done with your Saturday. Your investment in this gym and community is very much appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. My parents, as always, … More All The Vibes


Meeting at the gym to begin 20.3 at 10-10:15. We will begin at 10:45 on the dot!  Be there or be square!!!!  Already saw lots of heart out there on the floor…. you are up next! Get ready and to lift some heavy things and put them down!! Oh yea breathe hard til your breathing … More 20.3

And The Winner Is…

20.3 is a repeat!  This was my favorite workout in 2018.  The design of it is just like a brosesh… so naturally, I am looking forward to it.  But… without further ado, time to announce the Nutrition Challenge winners.  I loved to hear about the progress from everyone.  Things like, “I didn’t realize I would … More And The Winner Is…

Open 20.2

When I’m cleaning the gym and think…. “but first, let’s take a selfie!” Open 20.1 was crazaaay! Going into the weekend, and even looking back, it was probably my favorite “first” Open workout. It fell back to really just how bad you wanted to hurt! I loved that! A quick and notable honorable mention was … More Open 20.2