CrossFit At Harvard

Instead of writing my usual chapter in this ongoing novel of human performance, movement, and self exploration I wanted to share some videos you may not have seen that circulated this cultivating growing community a few years ago in its probably biggest period of popularity and expansion.  Here, Greg Glassman was invited to Harvard Divinity … More CrossFit At Harvard

Active Recovery

I looked around today after talking with John and realized a mistake. I’ve let Thursday’s go to waste. It’s always been a forced recovery day, and if anyone wanted to come in the facility and the equipment was available to be used as a make up day or work on certain weaknesses. That’s true… but … More Active Recovery

Constantly Varied

Today, the work load began with the focus on the “I love me,” muscles… abs (or core or midline… whatever you want to call it). Tomorrow we will switch to the antagonistic group to those, being the prime movers of the posterior chain. Good ‘ol deadlifts! Pick things up and put things down! Dia de … More Constantly Varied

Venom Is Spicy

Adding our new Legend to the wall soon. Super proud of you Kristin! Keep doing your amazing “you” and ride that wave of progress! The first workout for the Desert Games is called Venom. I believe it will hold very true to its name. We’ll all hit this one mañana and test it out for … More Venom Is Spicy

Bon Voyage!

There will be a going away dinner for Sarah on the 20th at a local restaurant called Santorini. I’ve never been there, but I hope to see all you there as we send Sarah off into her new chapter of her life. 16th Of July Year 2019 Strength  Establish A Heavy Power Clean + Squat … More Bon Voyage!