Oryx Games and Competition , Food Drive, and Holiday Hours

This weekend was a lot of fun with the first Oryx Games out at White Sands Missile Range! There were some athletes that got their feet wet with their first competition and some memorable PR’s on the clean ladder! And of course, a lot of effort and spirit from EVERYONE! I’m always proud of the … More Oryx Games and Competition , Food Drive, and Holiday Hours


If you are still interested, there is still room to sign up for the Oryx Games this weekend that will be hosted at White Sands Missile Range. I’m excited for this weekend, having fun with some fun people. It’s a competition with two divisions and two men or two women for a team. If you … More Blink


I guess on a micro-sense, I am learning through the weeks, and on a larger macro-sense using those learned lessons to better understand what it is we are doing, and how we are doing it. We are becoming, and will be, the BEST gym in Las Cruces. I’ve put everything aside this year to position … More Transparency