Celebrating Life

Most of you know our dear Jane from the 5am crew. Most of you know of her amazing presence. She has been a part of this community… this gym family… for a long time. Being part of this family I got to know her family. Evan is a good friend I went to school with … More Celebrating Life

You Choose

Back to some more squats… heavy squats! Hope you all got to enjoy the rain we had. I sure do love the smell of it. And, there’s even a gift for everyone in the workout! 24th Of April Year 2019 Strength  Back Squat 5×3 @85%+ of 1RM Conditioning AMRAP 18 10 Power Cleans or Power … More You Choose

Hard Work Pays Off

These Intervals are very similar, if not very much so, the “WILL” pieces we occasionally see. 23rd Of April Year 2019 Strength  In 10 Mins Establish a Heavy Squat Clean and Jerk Conditioning Each 3 minute Interval with follow a 2 minute Rest. Designed to have some recovery time to hit the next 3 minutes … More Hard Work Pays Off

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a great Easter and enjoyed the day with loved ones. I love Easter. For the true meaning and why it is most special and important. I did do some damage on some egg hunting though. My goddaughter and I don’t mess around. But, the peace, freedom, and inheritance this day is … More Happy Easter!

Knowing Ourselves

Tomorrow we will have a little bit of fun with an EMOM and get to work with our conditioning piece. Have you ever had to describe CrossFit? It is difficult. It’s defined as constantly varied functional movements, executed at high intensity. That definition holds true to all meaning but to someone outside it is useless. … More Knowing Ourselves

Murph Prep Workout

I mentioned to some of you that with this Murph Prep workouts being intentionally a bit more difficult, it will make our Murph event workout easy!  Did you buy that??  But, I do want to do similar prep workouts about once a week until our Memorial day Murph.  If you haven’t done Murph before it … More Murph Prep Workout