A Variety Of Movements… Kinda Like A Buffet :)

Here’s a cool vid from the time they had double DT at the CrossFit Games… you know in honor of today.  The second video is heavy DT!  Yikes!  And the third… is Annie Thorisdottir doing DT at 155#.  By the way, that’s the guys Rx’d weight.  I thought this would give a great perspective after … More A Variety Of Movements… Kinda Like A Buffet 🙂

Hero Workout

I’ve been wanting to do this Benchmark Hero workout for some time now!  Today it falls in at a great time.  One of my favorites.  The CrossFit games have implemented different iterations of this workout.  I kept going back and forth of doing the same, but it kept detouring from the original desire to do … More Hero Workout

Add Some Weight!

Tomorrow’s strength piece is continuing with our Back Squat kick that we have been on for a while.  The first block of sets should be challenging, but doable, finishing with only one set at a heavier load.  This is to accommodate your system with these heavier loads (especially with all those PR’s that we had … More Add Some Weight!


Proper etiquette differs from place to place.  Within the walls of a dojo, never do you walk on the mats with your shoes on and most times you bow stepping on and off the mat.  In a traditional Olympic Weightlifting gym you never walk over someone’s bar… it’s just bad etiquette.  Our designated workout areas … More Announcement


Our third day of Game’s workout will be as simple as they come… 1K Row.  Go Fast.. Don’t Stop.. and then Go Faster! OHS are extreeeeemely light.  Let’s try not to cherry pick 🙂  Remember, there are a few filled PVC pipes if this is a new movement, and stagger starting the workout to use … More Cardayo

Power Is Intensity

I wanted to show some crazy strength.  Clarence Kennedy showed up on the scene and represented his nation of Ireland when he competed.  I stumbled upon him back in our old facility when I use to train with Azadeh and Siddeeq.  I learned much of what shaped me as a weightlifter just watching his videos… … More Power Is Intensity


Accountability often drives the interest in starting CrossFit, and has a lot to do with the sustainment of it.  On Wednesday, there was a choice in what workout you chose… pick your poison… and I left it completely up to you from the AMRAP’s provided.  I was extremely impressed with some of your choices, “I … More Accountability