Off The Grid

Tuesday 6am is a GO for this week!  After this week 6am on Tuesday’s only will remain cancelled for the remainder of the DASO Academy.  Also, I will be unavailable tomorrow in case anyone tries to reach me.  My phone just broke…. like 30 minutes before posting this…. ;(  gonna be off the grid until … More Off The Grid

Friday Funday

27th Of August Year 2021 Strength Deadlifts Build to a Heavy’ish 4 Rep Conditioning AMRAP 15 50 Double Unders 10 Power Snatches @95/65 or 115/80 or 135/95 15 Pull-Ups 10 Overhead Squats

Monday Squats

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Another reminder about the 6am class.  It is still cancelled this Tuesday for the DASO Police Academy.  We will however have 6am class next week, the 31st of August.  After that, 6am will remain cancelled for another 3 weeks at their completion of the Academy program.  I will … More Monday Squats

Friday Funday

As mentioned in our last post, tomorrow we are all having to go back to wearing masks.   I am hoping this time around the date set, which is September 15th, actually comes with the desired outcome and doesn’t last long.  Come in with your masks just like last time folks and we’ll see you tomorrow … More Friday Funday

6am Reminder

Reminder that tomorrow 6am ONLY will be cancelled for the DASO Academy.  Next I will have them as well, but the last Tuesday of the month, August 31st we will have normal 6am class.  Don’t worry I will reminder you the week of.  After that I only have them for three more weeks and then they … More 6am Reminder

Friday Funday

13th Of August Year 2021 Strength Bench Press 4 Sets Of: 5-3-1 Conditioning 7 Rounds Of: 5 Power Cleans @Heavy 7 Single Arm DB Push Press (Left Side) @50/35 7 Single Arm DB Push Press (Right Side) 9 DB Goblet Squats 30 Double Unders/50 Singles