Not Too Little, And Not Too Much, Juuuuust Right

It’s another special day. Happy birthday Mark! All of CFLOTW wishing you had a great day and didn’t party too hard! Lol. Happy birthday big guy.

16th Of March Year 2021

Strict Press – 3×1
Push Press – 3×3
Push Jerk – 3×5
**Once you have done the warm up, and are prepped and primed for the overhead position, you have 3 attempts at each Overhead Movement at each respective reps.  Be intentional about your loads, and your wrists, elbows, and shoulders stacked appropriately over your vertebral column.  This restriction is to provide intentional loading and execution along with reducing the overall stress on the shoulders as well as using it as a tool to manage time before the AMRAP.

***Ladder Increasing by 2’s***
Single Arm Dumbbell Thrusters
Cal Row

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