Easy Workout…..??

Here’s some quotes I was reading from the one and only Albert Einstein.  He was many things…. and an inspiration of mine. “What is it right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” -Albert Einstein “The best way to cheer yourself is to cheer somebody else up.” -Albert Einstein “The … More Easy Workout…..??

It’s Like Life

Tomorrow’s workout continues our continued intentional work with being, “Unbroken.”  Fighting the urge to put the bar down, and in this case, the DB’s and KB’s.  Attaining the capacity to complete sets greater than 5 reps has been one of my many Achilles Heels.  To build that ability it must be purposefully trained with the … More It’s Like Life

Weekend Homework

And for tonight’s entertainment.  Sam told me about a movie that illustrated today’s pandemic…. to the T!  Contagion is on Hulu if you wanna check it out.  Caitlin and I watched it yesterday, and I couldn’t believe how much that movie paralleled our nation’s, and the world’s, current COVID-19 crisis.  It’s a well made movie … More Weekend Homework

Constantly Varied

The plan was to do Frantasyland tomorrow… but, after doing today’s workout I think we’ll save it for another day.  Visually they look a little similar, but the stimulus is drastically different.  The major comparison that dictated the change was the time frame.  It was going to be another long workout… that means low intensity.  … More Constantly Varied

Ready Or Not

I feel like this Open Style workout is appropriate for a Tuesday!  Just wait for Wednesday’s workout 😉 23rd Of June Year 2020 Accessory  4 Sets Of: 8 Bent Over Rows 8 Stiffed Legged Deadlifts w/ Deficit 30 Sec L-Holds Conditioning For Time: 27-21-15-9-3 Power Snatches Burpees

Happy Father’s Day

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!  I hope all you deserving dads got to enjoy your special day with loved ones.  We even have some dads with new additions to their growing families, and others that celebrated their very first Father’s Day ever!  CFLOTW wishes all that these important individuals that are growing the next generation of men … More Happy Father’s Day


I feel that the past couple weeks we’ve been hitting some tough workouts, and we’re feeling a little beat up.  This is actually expected.  We’ve been out of our routine since middle of March!  One thing I would like to mention is DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO YOUR POST QUARENTINE SELF!  It was enough time … More Acceptance

I Got Jokes

Tomorrow we do Fitness… Wednesday we clean!  That’s as clever as I can get right now…. I did see this funny joke today…. “What kind of Doctor is Dr. Pepper?  A Fizzzician” Get it!?  Can you guess where I stole it from?? 16th Of June Year 2020 Accessory 3 Sets Of: 2 Min Double Under … More I Got Jokes


Just a reminder, I wanted to mention to everyone if you are experiencing any symptoms, please consider the safety and well-being of your gym fam. If you’re feeling sick or experiencing any of the listed COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. Here’s the direct language from the CDC website: Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure … More Reminder