Getting Started!


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Getting started is simple and easy here at CFLOTW. First we’d like to thank you for reaching out to us by visiting here Understanding the human body is what we do, and do well. Starting something new usually comes with awkwardness, hesitation, even intimidation at times. That is totally normal and definitely very common. CFLOTW wants to make your journey to bettering your life an easy and simple transition. Being fit and making the change to a stronger, healthier, and happier you is one of the biggest investments you can do for yourself. Reaching out to us is the first step… Great Job! Now to get you started!

First, we schedule an Introduction Session where, one-on-one, we talk about what CrossFit is, what we do here specifically at CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness, and touch on essentially why we do what we do, and then finish with our Baseline Assessment. This assessment is our basic version of a “physical assessment,” but mostly it gives us a chance to go through what a normal class would look, and feel, like on that one-on-one basis and use as a stepping stone to getting into the classes. The Intro’s are also designed as just that, an “Intro,” where we get to meet, come look at the facility, and take our time doing so outside of a class time where they are a little more fast pace. Every class is coach led where we start with a Warm-Up usually tailored to what we are going to be doing. That is followed by a strength or skill piece where are develop building muscular strength and stability. This part is important as it also develops the understanding to the movements that are transferred and applicable towards real life by accessing the kinesthetic awareness that general motor recruitment patterns teach. Think of what people call “Functional Movements.” These are movements we are born with and are imbedded in our DNA and, by design, made to do. We then finish with the “Work Out!” This is the meat and potatoes of the day! This is where we burn most of our calories of our hour long class and work on toning as well as put into effect the proficiency of the movements. EVERYTHING is tailored and modified to meet and fit your own personal skill and fitness level. With almost a decade of experience coaching and learning from over 1000 individuals we know this well, and excel in this area. The spectrum is general and inclusive enough it is for anyone and everyone! Whether you are 6 years old or 80 we have worked with them. We’ve had collegiate athletes, professional athletes at a very elite level, to house wives, and grandparents. We’ve seen and trained it all.

Now what are you waiting for?! Contact us to schedule an Intro to get you started!
***Intros are traditionally scheduled Saturday’s at 10am. Other times may be scheduled by appointment***