6am Cancelled

6am CLASS CANCELLED I wanted to get this out as soon I could for the early birds.  I’m cancelling the 6am class tomorrow because of our expected weather we are having tomorrow.  Afternoon class will run normally. Strength EMOM 24 4 Power Cleans GOAT Training (Choose a gymnastic or odd object movement for this minute) … More 6am Cancelled

Costume Workout

A reminder, Halloween is this Saturday!  Brosesh will be at 10:30am and costumes are strongly encouraged… sorta mandatory…. just kidding…. kinda.  Come in for your workout and celebrate this Halloween the CrossFit way!  REMINDER:  If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID and are feeling ill, please do not come to the gym.  Stay home … More Costume Workout

Friday Funday

New equipment means we just have to break them in.   So, I have to confess… a smart business owner, in these times, wouldn’t buy new equipment.  Make due with what we have… we’re in a pandemic, and much of our short, and long, term future is very much unknown.  But… I never said I was smart.   I … More Friday Funday

Skills And Drills

20th Of October Year 2020 Accessory 3 Sets Of: 1 Min Weighted Plank Hold 30 Sec L-Hold 8 Tough Pull-Ups 2 Min GOAT Training Conditioning 6 Intervals of 2 Minutes On: 1 Minute Off of: 12 Toes To Bar 9 Deadlifts @225/155 12 Kettlebell Swings Max Effort Kettlebell Walking Lunges

Games Week

Go fast.. don’t stop.. and then go faster.  That’s the secret to CrossFit, among a few other things that kinda matter like good form, continuously increasing your capacity across broad time and modal domain, and knowing your abilities to best execute the task at hand…. another way is to observe those that are the best … More Games Week


This month didn’t quite hit “Friday the 13th” for Halloween month, but how about two 13 Minute AMRAPs instead!? Buahahahaha!  This year, Halloween is going to land on a Saturday… so brighten some 2020 blues, I wanted to plan a Halloween Costume workout!  This will happen at 10:30am instead of our Brosesh time that is … More Thriller