It’s Filthy!

I love this old pic… Cracks me up every time! We’ll hit our classic Filthy Fifty tomorrow, but with a little different rep scheme that we are use to. The intention is to keep the intensity high as usually with this workout, but have a little bit of a load with a few of the … More It’s Filthy!

Unbroken Sets

19th Of June 2019 Strength EMOM 10 3 Back Squats @75%+ Conditioning Begin with 400m Run 3 Rounds of: 10 Snatches (Must be Unbroken or the set doesn’t count!) 20 Burpees 25 Wallballs (Must be Unbroken or the set doesn’t count!) Finish with 400m Run Competitor’s Template 30 Muscle Up For time ***This is an … More Unbroken Sets

Desert Games Sign Up

Another year has come and gone, and the Desert Games is approaching.  This competition is one of my favorites.  They always have great programming, there are good divisions that allow anyone to compete and participate, they make it run smoothly, and the owners of 915 West (The owners of the gym that hosts the event) … More Desert Games Sign Up