Good News!

I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is we are OPEN on Wednesday!  When we were shut down this time around, I was really hoping it would only be for the 2 weeks like they said, and not turn into another 2+ months or run through the holidays by continuing … More Good News!

Post Feasting Vibes

The day of Thanksgiving, most workouts programmed were “Earn That Turkey” workouts…. I wanted to make a moderately lengthy workout the day after.  Feeling the post feasting feels, here’s a nice little workout that gets you moving!  That’s about it.  Let’s move continuously for a while.  Throw in some modifications where and when you need … More Post Feasting Vibes

Take Off The Lenses

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…. wow.  I just can’t wrap my head around it.  The weather hasn’t really helped validating that, and the stillness in the atmosphere is a little toneless with anticipation…. but it’s here.  I wasn’t thrilled that this closure happened during this time, but I can’t say I wasn’t surprised also as that thought … More Take Off The Lenses


There is another Coalition/#NoQuitNovember going out to all members that keep their memberships active during this secondary forced closure.  This is a $200 voucher from O2, Born Primitive, GORUCK,  and 7 other popular fitness brands.  Some of these companies, especially the big ones, did this back in the summer during our first shut down.  I think … More #NoQuitNovember

Friday Funday

Taking a little longer approach for this one.  This can be done as Friday’s workout or anytime this weekend when you want to just move and get breathing for a while!  Enjoy and have a safe weekend everyone! 20th Of November Year 2020 ITW SITW Conditioning Murph! Or if you did the push-ups workout from … More Friday Funday

Birthday Vibes

A huge Happy Birthday wish going out to little ‘ol Victoria Carrillo! She’s one of our Legends for a reason (again, those two girls are the reason for the award), and it doesn’t surprise me that she even came in to Open gym today to make up a workout from earlier this week…. and this … More Birthday Vibes