Strongman Day

So many new toys means we should use them!  Our weightlifting classes, we have Tuesdays and Thursdays, will be split with one day traditional weightlifting, and the other strongman movement and theory.  I use to spend some time messing around with some of the variety strongman consists of. Speed work, odd objects, core and explosiveness, … More Strongman Day

Back To The Bar!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We had some pretty awesome food for the potluck!  Thank you everyone who came and brought all the tastiness.  I know there was a few people that couldn’t make it, so we’ll have to do something like that again soon.  Tomorrow’s Tabata is to test your “Will,”  (We … More Back To The Bar!

Ready For Anything

Super fun day mixing it up. CrossFit in a very honest example of its definition, notion, and methodology literally picking the workout out of a hat! The 2007 CrossFit Games was actually structured just like that with the infamous Hopper on Dave Castro’s ranch. When I went to get my Level 2 I actually got … More Ready For Anything

Mystery Workout

New addition to spruce up the place! It’s about time we have some fun and look good doing it! I got these industrial pipe set up to organize the medicine balls and it looks pretty great! Had some help putting it up some of the weightlifting class so thanks a bunch guys… Free coffee! haha. … More Mystery Workout

In honor of the Holday tomorrow we will have normal scheduling for all of our classes. So get your workout in, and if you are one of the fortunate ones to get the day off, I hope you make the most of the warm January weather we should have tomorrow. Tomorrow we have a “push … More

100 Reps

Tomorrow will be a high rep workout.  100 reps of each movement.  Know that just as we scale, as needed, the weight everyday, scaling reps is another variation of scaling for intensity and outcome.  40 or 30 reps is completely sufficient and adequate if you need to scale to maintain your pace and accommodate for … More 100 Reps