“Dance like no one is watching!” 30th Of September Year 2019 Strength 2 Front Squats + 4 Back Squats ***Immediately rerack the bar behind the neck to resume the “Squat” Complex… we want minimal time between this transition!*** Conditioning Tabata This! (Alternating) Bar Facing Burpees 1 Power Clean into 5 STOH @95/65 (after your fifth … More Enjoy!

Become An Overcomer

I’ve really enjoyed these past couple of workouts we’ve done this week. Monday was tough but boy did I have fun… Today rewarded the specialty type of athlete with the highly complex body weight gymnastic modalities, but I really enjoyed the challenge that it presented and the efforts I saw put in today. I hope … More Become An Overcomer

Sunday Night Lights!

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live streamed video of the “Wing Challenge,” we posted this evening I’m going to have the premium footage uploaded later here this week. Huge thanks to Veva, Steve, Devan (I think he has a future in video production! He is a natural!! DEVAN VISIOOOOON!), Jessalyn, and … More Sunday Night Lights!

Your Intensity Dictates Your Return

Intensity is the driver. It drives our progression as we learn the movements and technique that makes each modality more and more efficient. Technique and good movement patterns ALWAYS takes priority, and then we add intensity. Sometimes poor movements errors, and compromised positions, rob us of our capable intensity, so a good understanding of each … More Your Intensity Dictates Your Return

Birthday Vibes

Happy birthday to my childhood hero. The strongest man I know… most hard working and the absolute life of the party. His name means “Defender Of Peace” and can teach someone about hard work and loving those around you. My dad. He is why I am proud of my last name. A man of men. … More Birthday Vibes

Max Out Friday

A pretty cool Picture after our 9/11 Tribute Workout. “What is the secret of success?” “Right Decisions.” “How do you make right decisions?” “Experience.” “How do you gain experience?” “Wrong decisions.” Tomorrow we will take a different approach to our Sqaut day. It will be a light EMOM day because we will be MAXING OUT … More Max Out Friday