Grip Strength

Tomorrow’s focus is going to be one of an old school concept, but extremely essential… grip strength.  Our grip is vital.  We don’t only use and need it for just about everything, but in the the exercise science world that’s actually the main unit of measurement of how they define “Strength.”  They measure your grip … More Grip Strength

How Time Flies

Here’s a good pic of our Friday Throwdown.  It was a tough one!  I sure am thankful for our health and bodies and all that we have that we are able to do workouts like those.  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!  December here we come?! 29th Of November … More How Time Flies

Weight Vest!

Bring your weight vest today! I forgot to mention that in tha last post but I hope you catch this before our workout here in just a little while!! See you soon!

Work Hard Play Hard

The infamous “Filthy Fifty!”  I figured it would be the perfect workout right before Thanksgiving feasting and just in case this is your last workout this week and can’t make it to our Friday Post Thanksgiving session, I’m already nervous for that one…. not that you should be 😉  Not that you need a reward … More Work Hard Play Hard


Two Announcements for today!  First and foremost… This week’s class schedule will be the following: Monday: Normal Schedule Tuesday: Normal Schedule Wednesday: Normal Schedule Turkey Day!: CLOSED Friday: 11am Only The Second announcement is now through December 31st we will be having our New Year Deals.  Once a year I offer a Prepay One-Year Membership … More Announcements

Double Trouble

17th Of November Year 2021 Strength Strict Press 6×3 @AHAP Conditioning AMRAP 9 8 Deadlifts @165/115 or 225/155 14 Push-Ups 25 Double Unders Rest 3 Mins AMRAP 9 8 Burpees 10 Russian KB Swings @2 Pood 15 Wallballs

Thunder And Lightning

A full day of training is like a little thunder and lightning…. do you like thunder storms? 16th Of November Year 2021 Accessory EMOM 20 30 Sec GOAT Training 2 Power Cleans + 2 Jerks 30 Sec Weighted Sit-Ups 2 Power Cleans + 2 Jerks Conditioning 30-20-10 Cal Row Dumbbell Cleans @50/35