Respect The Equipment

Imagine if he did CrossFit!!


Also, please remember not to drop to 10lb plates.  Even the 15’s don’t hold up so well with dropping.  Help me out by please setting these down when using them.  They are expensive, but even buying right now, these plates are incredibly hard to find and are continuously sold out.  Once we are out of 10’s and 15’s…. we’re out!

17th Of March Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
8 Bent Over Rows
30 Sec L-Hold
8 Pistols (Each Leg)
30 Sec AHAP Weighted Plank

5 Intervals Of 2 Minutes On: 1 Minute Off:
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings @AHAP
10 Box Jump Overs
10/8 Cal Bike
ME Power Cleans @135/95

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