For Jerome

6am classes will resume as scheduled!  See you all tomorrow! I received a heartfelt text today from a dear friend.  Many of you remember Jerome and what a great person he is.  Jerome has a brother named Seth that has two little girls named Lucy and Grace.  Their family just lost a mother and a … More For Jerome

Last 6am Cancelled Class

A quick reminder for the morning crew.  This is the last week of the DASO Sheriff’s Academy with CFLOTW.  Tomorrow, 6am ONLY, will be cancelled one last time and we will be going back to normal schedule next week.  Thank you all and see you tomorrow!

My Growing Family

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Anotha day anotha dollar so they say.  Also, anyone else ready for some non-90 degree weather?!  I sure hope we get a legit winter. My favorite person in this world is my goddaughter.  She is much of my reason and I would do anything for her.  She is … More My Growing Family

Friday Funday

Today is my Dad’s birthday and he shares it with Mexico’s Independence Day.  He’s a good grandpa to his grandkids.  He loves my mom and my sisters.  When I need someone my dad is the one I will call and he is always there.  In many ways we are very different, but in some ways … More Friday Funday

Power Endurance

Desert Games will be here before we know it!  I think registration will be open tomorrow at 7am from what the registration tab’s clock stated, but I did check the website and it does seem to have some updated info on the divisions.  Much of their website still seems to have info from the 2019 … More Power Endurance