Settle In…

I remember the feeling when I couldn’t pay my electric bill. It was the darkest day of my life. Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball? A:Because he had no body to dance with. Q: What did the cake say to the knife? A: “Do you want a piece of me?” Q: What … More Settle In…

New Additions!

New additions!  We have a few new additions at the gym.  First off, we finally have some Crossover Symmetry cords and the Halo, which is the Hip and Core System cords from Crossover Symmetry.  Feel free to jump on them and utilize these new tools in your warm ups, cool downs, or Open gym times.  … More New Additions!

PR Board and Inaugural Annual Nutrition Challenge

A quick reminder that the nutrition challenge mandatory meeting is tomorrow evening at 730pm.  We will cover all aspects of the challenge including guidelines, expectations, Q and A, and other details that will involve some guidance… much of this will be very different to what most of you are familiar with, and will most likely … More PR Board and Inaugural Annual Nutrition Challenge


  I don’t have much to say today…. but I do have a cool old video that I love. This video say it was published in 2015, but it came out in 2009 in the CrossFit Journal in 2009 right after that year’s CrossFit Games. Mikko Salo was a competitor that came out onto the … More Sisu

Going to the Desert Games briefing was very informative.  I got to see Mark when I got back to the gym and let him know what some of the notable standards that I took note of were… he will pass them on to the rest of his team.  JJ also went.  So he will do … More

Friday Announcements

Again, a quick reminder that we will be closed this saturday due to our attendance at the Desert Games. If don’t have anything planned this weekend, you can come out to watch the teams and Teka represent our gym at the convention center! We’re going to Stateline after, and other than getting to watch our … More Friday Announcements