Memorial Day Murph!

It’s here!  Memorial Day Murph.  The day we make an intentional effort to honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice and that have loss their lives defending this nation of ours.  We observe this day for them and pray thank you for your service and to their families.  We are able to do so … More Memorial Day Murph!

Custom Made

It only took 4 days… but I got 3 of them put it.  Haha.  I’ve been working on and off this week making these Wallball Shot targets.  My original plan was to make only two of them on the tall uprights on our Rogue rig, but having the whole sheet of MDF board I figured … More Custom Made


WHAT A DAY!  I don’t want to toot my own horn… but uh Toot… Toot.  Haha.  Today was pretty darn good one.  I love workouts like that, even with as much anxiety setting up for it, the combo of that particular Accessory, that EMOM (My FAV), and finishing with that feeling of battery acid pumping … More 100%

Last Murph Prep!

We will be reassigning our month of May’s weekly Murph Prep on Monday so that we can give ourselves a solid week of “recovery” for Memorial Day Murph next Monday.  Next week is the day we honor all our service personal and those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Murph is the most well known … More Last Murph Prep!

Weekend Binge Watching And Then Let’s Get Stronger!

Here is some weekend watching… if you haven’t seen it already.  Rogue made a series of documentaries covering the culture and heritage of stone lifting, and how it was influenced by the lifestyles of a “different time.”  In Iceland, being strong meant you got to work, leading to the ability to feed your family.  At … More Weekend Binge Watching And Then Let’s Get Stronger!

12 Minutes Of Work

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  Oh how fast they go by.  Let’s start off the week with a good workout and some Back Squats!  And by the way… it wasn’t my birthday last Friday… I realized I worded that blog weird lol!  But, I still appreciated the bday wishes! 17th Of May Year 2021 … More 12 Minutes Of Work

Friday Funday

Time flies and people get older.  I can’t believe I’m already 33 years old…. 14th Of May Year 2021 Strength Deadlifts 10-10-5-5-2-2-2-2 Conditioning Buy In and Cash Out w/ 33 Box Jumps 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Push Press @95/65 Ballslams