The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

The strength piece for tomorrow is all about the beloved/dreaded Snatches. It’s a love/hate relationship with them as they are so very technical, but… when you hit a heavy Snatch and catch it in that just perfect overhead position, it’s hard to beat that feeling. We gotta work diligently to achieve proficiency with this lift, … More The Most Athletic Movement In All Of Sports

Hand Care

My hands were beat up a couple weeks ago from working and it has always worried me having open wounds.  I realized I never have athletic tape on hand, so, I ordered a box to have at the gym.  They are 1″x12 yard rolls.  I figured 1 inch would make it easier to tape up … More Hand Care

The Windy City

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Our mid 60 degree weather might not be back this week, and it looks like we will be getting some wind tomorrow, so dress warm!  And try not to blow away 🙂  It’s funny how as New Mexicans we think 50’s is “Cold Weather” 25th Of January Year … More The Windy City

Weekend Watching

With the Open approaching, we can use that for a little self motivation and goal focusing. I thought it’d be a fun time to rewatch some old favorites to get the Open season vibes going!  Enjoy. 22nd Of January Year 2021 Strength Deadlifts 10-6-4-4-4-2-2 Conditioning 3 Rounds Of: 10 Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65, @115/80, @135/95 … More Weekend Watching

Fight Gone Bad

19th Of January Year 2021 Accessory Tabata – Alternating Toes To Bar Russian Twists Conditioning Fight Gone Bad Style Wallballs Dumbbell Walking Lunges @50/35 Thrusters @95/65 Dumbbell Snatches @50/35 Air Squats Rest