What Is CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness

At CrossFit Legends Of The Wilderness we analyze movement and optimize it.  In most of movement, whether in the sports and exercise world, we develop generalized motor programs.  In these GMP, movement many times has a sequence to the motion.  If we look at Olympic lifting when we are first introduced to the fast action lift, it is broken down in steps… Or in a sequence of referenced position and timing of acceleration. Running is no more than a series of controlled falls.  The faster we fall the quicker our feet must turn over to catch ourselves.  When we look at performance this becomes increasingly more important.  I have been involved with CrossFit since 2009 and use this methodology and training to express movement.  Not everyone does CrossFit… What I also understand is that the human body is the human body.  We have text books that explain anatomy and physiology and those haven’t changed in the past several hundred years.  What we don’t understand are our limits… If there are any.  People continue to break world records and void past experts claims on what is impossible, and become a reality… And that is available for everyone.  The word in itself “impossible” really just says “I’m possible.”