When In Rome

When in Rome, do an EMOM….. I think that’s how that saying goes… and everything can pretty much be an EMOM.  Steve agrees with me.  I feel like I might ramble, so, I’ll cut it here.  See you all tomorrow!!  Don’t forget to stay hydrated.  Half your body weight in ounces and 8 oz of … More When In Rome

Friday Funday

23rd Of July Year 2021 Strength If you did Snatches on yesterday’s “Your Choice” piece then do Deadlifts 😉 EMOM 5 5 Snatches EMOM 7 2 Snatches Conditioning AMRAP 14 40 Double Unders 25 Wallballs 20 DB Snatches 15 Handstand Push Ups

Good Ol’ EMOM Time

Tomorrow…. a good ol’ fashion EMOM.  A QUICK REMINDER THOUGH:  Please no Dumbbells on the boxes.  When we get tired the DB’s get set down a bit too hard…. and my heart cracks a little ;( lol 50% joking.  Also, choose your barbell implement.  Heavy, for reps, 30 seconds worth, odd object, light… it’s up … More Good Ol’ EMOM Time

Barbell Vibes!

For all you Podcast listeners.  This is one from when Barbell Shrugged use to be cool!  Enjoy. 20th Of July Year 2021 Accessory 3 Sets Of: 10 Turkish Sit-Ups (Per Arm) 20 Russian Twists 10 Barbell Floor Wipers 2 Min GOAT Training Conditioning 6 Intervals Of 2 Mins On: 1 Min Off of: 200m Row … More Barbell Vibes!

Friday Funday

We have a few visitors dropping in this month from around the states.  Jesse came in for Open Gym today and I did a workout with him.  It was a great workout.  He said his gym follows Mayhem programming and the workout he came in ready to do was sent to him from a friend … More Friday Funday