Lift Yourself Up

31st Of July Year 2020 Strength Tough/Weighted Pull-Ups 10×3 **Make these difficult.  Make them challenging.  Make them either strict, weighted, chest to bar, with a smaller band, L Pull-Ups, or one-handed…. But these pull-ups are to be understood and approached as a strength piece on the development of the pulling mechanism with focus on both … More Lift Yourself Up

Work Capacity

Talk about constantly varied function movements executed at a relatively high intensity.  I had to think outside the box on this one.  I wouldn’t normally come up with something like this, but….. If you look at the loads at think, “No way!”  Don’t worry, we will discuss options and appropriate tailoring as usual… have I … More Work Capacity

Burning Hot

Well today as a surprise.  A GOOD surprise.  PR’s hit all day long!  And, even more pretty darn close squats to previous old max lifts!  Well, no explanation other than strong Wills equals strong bodies.  Amazing job everyone.  If you were within 90% of your previous max then you are in fantastic shape.  Not only … More Burning Hot

Maximum Monday!

Tomorrow we are Establishing our 1 Rep Max. This will be used for future percentages for loading and specific stimulus. It’s been a while since we hit this, so moving forward is best, and ideal, to have a CURRENT 1RM to base from. As seasons change, so do we. The previous numbers we’ve used from … More Maximum Monday!

Strong Women

Here’s Gena gettin her CFLOTW swag and Legend Of The Month Certificate!  So proud of you Gena, and all of your progress! These girls are gettin’ STRONG!!  ATTENTION gentlemen…. We’re getting overrun by the ladies!  But, I’m totally ok with that!  We have so many amazing women and men within this special community.  Check out … More Strong Women

Strength and Skill

Today was a deceptive little bugger!  You can do surprisingly devastating and effective workout with little to no equipment.  I intentionally had no barbell movements in this one, as we had last week, just to get away from the barbell for a day (especially since Monday was a heavily dominantly  barbell workout).  We are well … More Strength and Skill

Life And Health

Video on some life…. Video on some health… 21st Of July Year 2020 I Love Me Muscles 3 Sets Of 10 Single Arm Turkish Sit-Ups 10 Dual Leg Lift Overs 10 Alternating Single Leg V-Ups 10 Not Your Mamma’s Sit-Ups Conditioning 10 Rounds Of: 4 Muscle Ups/ Weighted Pull-Ups/ Strict Pull-Ups 6 Toes To Bar … More Life And Health

“Just Do It”

Sometimes we can get caught up in doing things a certain way.  In our world this is easy to see.  We see the same reps show up again and again, and with the same loads.  What happens if we do one more…. two more.  Can we do it?  The beauty of CrossFit in its artistic … More “Just Do It”

Friday Funday Folks

As I was writing the Accessory portion of tomorrow’s training template, I began to see that it appears very arbitrary.  I assure you it has its purpose and its place.  This week we had a higher than normal volume for squats.  That wasn’t intentional… but I saw it happening and I was ok with it … More Friday Funday Folks