The CrossFit Games

Last week I posted a video of the history of the Open, here is a video the Games!  The CrossFit Games is our Olympics, it is like our Superbowl.  It is what we do day in and day out, but we get to watch those that are best at it.  My sports teams are the Indianapolis Colts, The Rookies, The Bulls, and what ever team Christiano Ronaldo is playing for, and I also have my fav CF athletes.  I think most of you have seen it, but with the Games less than a month away, the CrossFit world prepares for a very unique format that this year’s Games will deliver.  For your viewing pleasure here’s the story of the decade anniversary of legendary CrossFit Games!

24th Of August Year 2020

Back Squat
3×8 @70%
2×3 @80%

**Every Round Increase weight of the Power Cleans!
10 Power Cleans
20 Air Squats
30 Double Unders

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