Friday Funday, Birthday Wishes, and Of Course Youtube

A belated, but HUGE, Happy Birthday to Melanie!!  You are such a kind and gentle soul.  Melanie is always a genuine delight.  She’ll smile at you with that contagious smile, and ask how your day was and listen.  A genuine question, not only waiting for her turn to speak, but really wants to know how your day was.  She’s bubbly and full of spunk!  I don’t know how you are always so happy and full of joy… but whatever you are taking… I’ll take two!  I hope you had an awesome day yesterday and CFLOTW is wishing you many many more bdays!

Friday’s are just the day before the weekend.  So, here’s some vids to help pass the time.  “Ew I got brain freeze… my brain is frozen!”  Jerod are you down to do a spoof off this!?  Caitlin already agreed to be the step dad Gary!

Should we bring this segment back????  There’s also a pretty good watch on Netflix with Zack Efron where they travel looking for different approaches on how other countries use sustainable and renewable energy.  I thought it was gonna be kind of a tree hugging show, but I really enjoyed it.  Also, considering Zack is as big of a celebrity as they get, he’s a super down to earth guy.

21st Of August Year 2020

Your Choice of:
Bench Press – 5×4


Push Jerk – 5×4

5 Rounds
40 Double Unders
300m Row
20 Dumbbell Snatches
10 Single DB Overhead Walking Lunges

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