Leave A Legacy

I took a couple of the movements and the thoughts from Kristi O’Connell.  She is a Games athlete and Affiliate Owner of CrossFit Polaris in Columbus OH.  I continue to get ideas and learn from others and articulate it in my own way.  I feel like once you feel you know it all… you’ve lost it.  Keep learning all you can.  Live this one life that we are fortunate to get.  Love those around you like they love you.  Lead by example and it’s not what you talk about, but what you tolerate.  Leave your legacy.  I remember when my uncle from my Mom’s side passed away.  It was hard for my family.  He was the life of the room even when there wasn’t a party.  When we did have parties he lit up like it would be our last.  His presence was powerful and beautiful to have been able to witness.  I have so many regrets not taking advantage of the one commodity that can control… time.  But, I do have valuable and precious memories.  When he died the funeral home my family had for him was a giant room, and it was packed.  It was such a full house that every row of pews were filled, and people leaned by all of the available wall space.  It was amazing to see that he not solely just knew so many people, but influenced them by his charismatic charm and unforgettable sense of humor.  Boy he was funny.  And, that kind of gift that can change the atmosphere of a room, just by being present.  When they asked if anyone would like to share something about him, people began to walk up and as the first person took the mic a line formed.  People spoke for about an hour if not longer about stories with him and the kind of man he was.  I had family travel from out of state and many of his old friends that he knew, from a life before I knew him, from all over.  That’s the legacy I’m talking about.  On your deathbed what regrets will you have?  What are the things people will say at your funeral?

19th Of August Year 2020

4 Clean and Jerks
40 sec of Kettlebell Russian Twist
4 Front Squats
40 sec of Leg Lift + Heel Raise to Ceiling (Keep Hollow Position and slow and controlled)

Another Benchmark workout in a week…. It’s like Christmas!!


Deadlifts @225/155
Handstand Push-Ups
***When you see 21-15-9 I want you to see it, approach it, and understand it to be a fast workout. It’s not heavy and much of the work can be done UNBROKEN and done quickly. This should not take longer then 7-8 minutes so make sure we tailor the load to appropriately to accommodate the intended and desired stimulus to ‘your’ individual abilities! Good luck!

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