You’re A Unicorn

If you’re bored on a Tuesday, check out these pics, and then come workout!  I don’t address the importance of maintenance work like specific warm ups, cool downs, and extra mobility work as often as perhaps needed, and it is needed often (especially when your body is trying to talk to you about it).  But, think of it this way… if you don’t change the oil in your vehicle for the next 10,000 miles, what is going to happen?  Your vehicle will most likely have many of its “check engine” warning lights on.  Low tire pressure, low fluid levels, and in need of fuel.  Your body is giving you similar signs when we are tight and stiff, tired, hungry, and beat up.  Basic maintenance work done often and frequently can go along way.  Just like changing your oil every 3 month or 3-5,000 miles.  Don’t get stranded with a run down vehicle.  Train hard.  Eat clean.  Be a fine tuned locomotive machine!  We don’t have many machines in our gym…. WE MAKE THEM!


I taken several screen shots on my phone that were burning a hole in my gallery… I thought these photos were some neat ones.



And these are just for funzies….


25th Of August Year 2020

4 Sets Of:
8 Bent Over Rows
12 Floor Wipers w/ Barbell
16 Weighted DB Sit-Ups

6 Intervals of 2 Minutes On: 1 Minute Off of:
12 Dual Kettlebell Swings @1.5 Pood
10 Kettlebell Thrusters @53/35
8 Burpees
ME Pull-Ups (CTB if you got ’em!)

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