CrossFit Open Back In The Spring Time

I was talking to several people about the Open that we look forward to every year.  We’ve spoken of some of the changes CrossFit has/is going through and now that some of the smoke has cleared, the Open is on many of our minds.  It is like our “Superbowl,” our “Olympics,” and an event I love to make a big deal about… because it is a big deal.  It’s fun, it’s motivating to have something to train for, and ideal to test that training and where are fitness is (And perhaps where we want it to go).  They are moving the Open back to the spring time as Dave Castro told me it just made more sense to have it then versus the move they made putting it in the fall.  In some sense I was liking the idea of the fall Open because it could be fun having Halloween during this time and the parties that come with that time as well as it not interfering with people’s multiple goals of doing the Open and the Bataan marathon run.  But, I understand as the “sport of fitness” side of CrossFit, the season does flow much better for everyone having the Open in the Spring.  Here is a great video that I’m sure I’ve posted in the past but wanted to include it with this discussion.  It has great production qualities and sick footage of our sport and our world.  Don’t forget.  The Open is for everyone, the Games is for the top in our sport to demonstrate the pinnacle of human performance.  Basically they do what we do, but a bit faster with a bit heavier weights.

17th Of August Year 2020

Back Squat
5×4 @80%1RM

For Time:
Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65
Thrusters @95/65
Hand Release Push-Ups

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