It Was A Good Day

Today was the busiest day we’ve had in 4 months!  Though, 3 of those months we were closed… it sounds cooler saying it that way.  Thank you to everyone and great job on them skwaaaats!  You guys are getting STRONG, and making this wolf pack even stronger.  Gotta give a quick shot out to Erica … More It Was A Good Day

Oak Trees

“There are two good times to plant an Oak Tree.  The first was 20 years ago.  The second is today.” Many of you may have heard this quote at some point.  I enjoy it.  Many times we hear things over and over again, but sometimes those same wise words, what ever they may be, resignate … More Oak Trees

Lucky Number 7

7 is my favorite number.  Tomorrow is 7.7.2020.  That’s pretty cool.  So, as a ploy to lure you all in… uhhh I mean as a treat, there will be a winner from each class that will leave with a FREE O2 Recovery Drink.  This is not for the “Winner,” of the workout, it’ll be for … More Lucky Number 7

Hotshots 19

We have some important firefighter personnel in our gym fam that I am proud to call a friend.  Today is a Hero workout. I am a day late implementing this workout, but it is worth still doing for the intention it was designed… to honor the 19 that died in the deadliest wildfire in Arizona’s … More Hotshots 19