Maximum Monday!


Tomorrow we are Establishing our 1 Rep Max. This will be used for future percentages for loading and specific stimulus. It’s been a while since we hit this, so moving forward is best, and ideal, to have a CURRENT 1RM to base from. As seasons change, so do we. The previous numbers we’ve used from past “seasons,” and the further we are from them, the less validity they provide for our needs and use in the season we are in now. We change and grow, and sometimes as life throws us curve balls, we have to adapt and adjust… intentionally and unintentionally. Regardless of our up and down ascend, or descend, climb on our ladders in life, validity and reliability can be significant and essential allies in our productivity and truths that make the process more effective and enjoyable. Come in ready to throw some weight around! Be tough like a bear, strong like a bull, and fight like a mountain lion!

27th Of July Year 2020

Establish a 1 Rep Max of….

For Time:
Box Jumps
Devil’s Press

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