Friday Funday Folks

As I was writing the Accessory portion of tomorrow’s training template, I began to see that it appears very arbitrary.  I assure you it has its purpose and its place.  This week we had a higher than normal volume for squats.  That wasn’t intentional… but I saw it happening and I was ok with it haha.  To be good at squatting, and to squat heavier load well, you need a strong midline.  To be functionally proportionate with little to no discrepancies you need a strong midline.  To be strong in general you need a strong midline.  Good to exceptional movement mechanics involves so many elements and points of performances that the list can go on and on, and individual inadequacies add to the complex world of strength training and how to do it well (as you may find by just doing a google search or watching youtube videos).  I had a teacher tell me once never to start a sentence with “but”.   But, one thing that is common among the vast world of opinionated fitness, metabolic conditioning, strength training, and just exercise science in general is having the ability to maintain stability in your midline to produce and apply proper and adequate application of force.  Simply, you need a strong core to lift heavy and for that beach bod!  Joe knows what I’m talking about.  That’s why he works out 😉

17th Of July Year 2020

3 Sets of:
8 Floor Wipers (I’ll show you how these are done tomorrow)
8 Barbell Roll Outs
8 Weighted Good Mornings
2 Minute GOAT Training
1 Heavy Deadlift

Yesterday was tough… This one is should be a quick one. Fast and simple… but those hit a different system. Pedal to the metal and hang on for the ride!!

Deadlifts @135/95
Handstand Push-Ups
Deadlifts @225/155

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