Lift Yourself Up

31st Of July Year 2020

Tough/Weighted Pull-Ups

**Make these difficult.  Make them challenging.  Make them either strict, weighted, chest to bar, with a smaller band, L Pull-Ups, or one-handed…. But these pull-ups are to be understood and approached as a strength piece on the development of the pulling mechanism with focus on both distal and ESPECIALLY proximal strength.  Meaning make sure to go full range of motion and finish with at least the chin over bar or more!

For Time:
10 Rounds Of Cindy w/ 10 minute Time Cap (Rest the remainder of the 10 mins if you finish before time cap)
At the 10 Minute Complete….
21 Light Squat Clean and Jerks
14 Medium Squat Clean and Jerks
7 Heavy Squat Clean and Jerks

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