“Just Do It”

Sometimes we can get caught up in doing things a certain way.  In our world this is easy to see.  We see the same reps show up again and again, and with the same loads.  What happens if we do one more…. two more.  Can we do it?  The beauty of CrossFit in its artistic perspective does help minimize that as we constantly vary our reps, load, and duration.  That variance is accompanied, and driven by, functional movements.  Movements we see on job sites and other physically demanding fields OTHER than what is seen in typical gyms.  And then it is performed at a relatively high intensity.

What area in your work capacity needs elevating?  The phrase I find so rooted I wrote it on the PR Board.  “Increase work capacity across broad time and modal domain.”  I will probably do a blog soon solely on the study of this and its implications.  For now, think of it this way… when you look at the board and go through the movements, which is/are the ones you dislike, or distaste, the most.  I scorn rowing.  I’m generally ok with just about most things, but rowing… GRRRR!  What is yours?  Then, take a step back and look at the macro picture.  What type of workouts?  I actually like 100’s… most don’t… I think I’m a bit peculiar.  What areas in your life can you notice this? Driving your kids to school, reading to them, doing the dishes, painting, cutting the weeds.  These are just questions to ask to know yourself better.  What are your likes and dislikes?  Where do you thrive and where are you vulnerable?  Movement has a way of highlighting the inefficiencies and discrepancies that are easily missed in our way of life… but once it’s found then you can address it!  And be better for it.  So, many times when you find an area that you may presume vulnerability.  That might in turn be where you can have your greatest breakthrough.  Keep growing.

20th Of July Year 2020

Back Squats

11 Thrusters @145/100
38 Double Unders
14 Hang Power Cleans @145/100
350m Row

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