Burning Hot

Well today as a surprise.  A GOOD surprise.  PR’s hit all day long!  And, even more pretty darn close squats to previous old max lifts!  Well, no explanation other than strong Wills equals strong bodies.  Amazing job everyone.  If you were within 90% of your previous max then you are in fantastic shape.  Not only were we closed longer than the time we’ve been re-opened, but strength wasn’t/couldn’t have been a focus with limited equipment and motivation.  Seeing everyone get after today fired me up and lit a spark that may just a well be a raging wild fire.  It’s funny what wind does to fire.  To a candle it’ll blow out the flame… but, to a wild fire it spreads the flame.  The substance that burns out the flame in a miniscule state is the same that spreads it in maturity.  What the wind does is tells you at what degree you are burning.  The same substance that melts wax hardens clay.  Think about that… How hot are you burning?  Will winds come and blow your flame out…. or will it just make you burn brighter, stronger, more fiercely?

If you didn’t come in today and what to get your max Back Squat, as we will use this value in future use… then tomorrow in substitution of the Bench Press establish your heavy 1 Rep Maximum Back Squat.  Again phenomenal job to everyone today and congrats to all those big lifts today.  Special shot out to top lifts.  Erica now top squat of the gym for the females with a mammoth 276lb!  And, to Sam with an equally significant 475lb squat!!!!!!!!!!  You don’t want to know mine… but I was happy with it 😀

28th Of July Year 2020

Bench Press
8 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 3 – 4
**The Goal here is to Increase through this rep scheme and build to the “3”. Then attempt the set of 4 at the same weight forcing a final rep. Flawless victory! Squeeze that bad boy out!

10 Hang Power Snatches @95/65
25 Wallballs
40 Double Unders

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