Legend Of The Month


A little late, but I wanted to get back on track with our Legend Of The Month Awards.  This award goes to someone that many of you may not know, so I will fill you in.  Gena Breck.  Gena started with us during our last Women’s Challenge we had last year.  She is one of our early birds that attends either our 5 or 6am hours and recently celebrated her One Year Anniversary with being a member of this special community.  This past Monday, during our Squat sesh, Gena hit a monumental PR.  She did so squatting all the way down.  Let me fill you in on that.  Gena broke her hip during childbirth 19 years ago.  She’s challenged herself in more ways than one.  She’s big on hiking, DOING MARATHONS, and now CrossFit.  To say the least she is very active.  Gena is amazing, and when I saw her do something she hasn’t been able to do, it lit something inside me.  Her expression will carry on in my memory forever when she hit that full depth… and with a loaded barbell.  Remember that, “YES!” you gave Gena… that’s the one I’m talking about.  Her and I talk often about the process of being able to see change in movement and other things, and about the progress she’s made.  Always with a tremendously great attitude and an unfailing pursuit to try again.  The photo below is one that I took and was lost among all my Dizzy photos… it took me awhile to find, but Gena got this bumblebee tattoo after my “Bumblebee” story I gave during the Women’s Challenge.  I think that is perfectly fitting for you Gena.  So congratulations Gena!!!  You are truly a Legend and here’s to honor your valiant effort and spirit.


And here’s a quick special Birthday shot out to Tori!  Happy Birthday Toi!  I hope you got to enjoy this day and CFLOTW wishing you so many more bdays!! Bring me some cake tomorrow! 😉


15th Of July Year 2020

Overhead Squats (Three different weights: Light, Medium, Heavy)
Bar-Facing Burpees

75 Double Unders
50 Kettlebell Swings
75 Double Unders

Toes To Bar
Squat Snatches (Three different weights: Light, Medium, Heavy)

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