A First Ring Muscle Up

Just want to throw out a huuuuuuge honorable mention from earlier today that I had the pride, the privilege, nay the pleasure to witness! Kristin’s first Ring Muscle Ups!! The prestigious and glorified Ring Muscle Ups! The most anticipated, joyful, and sought out of all the PR’s! It only happens once and witnessing one is worth a thousand words. I believe true intensity lies within a fine line of rage.. and serenity. That’s what I see, feel, and experience through hundreds and hundreds of Personal Records. That’s what I saw when Kristin swung violently… elegantly, and threw herself to land above those Rings, and landed amongst the relentless few. Great job Kristin! We walk in the garden of her turbulence!

Practice doesn’t make perfect…. perfect practice makes perfect.

12th Of November Year 2019

For Time:
Toes To Bar
Kettlebell Swings @2 Pood (70/53)


Goblet Squats @2 Pood (70/53)
Box Jump Overs


Handstand Push-Ups
Ring Dips

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