Back to Heavy(ish) Squatting!


The Platform is finally done! Putting the last few pieces together was pretty satisfying as this initial small project was more work than I thought going into it… and financially a hard pill to swallow… but when your knees deep into it, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to abort and turn back around. Just a couple of rules: #1 this is only intended for Olympic lifting. So other movements and activities are not allowed on “The Beast”. This is because the weights are intended to be set on and dropped back onto the rubber matting. #2 is there is so many layers of plywood stacked, it actually took the overall height of the platform above what is intended for the red metal frame that is around it that it is about an entire inch of the ground. That should be setting on the ground so if you are lifting on the platform, aka “The Beast,” set up in the middle so the weights don’t fall on the frame as it could damage the platform. I’ll work on that flaw in the future. But, that’s why it’s called the beast. I couldn’t even move it up against the wall! That may be tomorrow’s warm up…

Also, I moved the tot that I had mentioned in yesterday’s blog that is intended for the jackets for our “Coats for Kids” fundraiser to the front of the main room. Let’s fill that bad boy up! This is a very difficult time of year so some folks and donations like these really do make a difference. I hope OUR community can give to OUR community this holiday season. Coats For Kids take new and gently used coats to children in our own area to those in need. It’s crazy to think, I look in my house and I have a closet full of jackets, and there are kids out there that may be going to school without one because their family can’t afford something as simple as a coat.

On a different note. It is Victoria’s birthday today! Next time you see her make sure to tell her happy birthday and give her a highfive or fist bump (if kids still do that these days). I think she turned 20 finally or something like that. Happy Birthday Victoria from everyone here at CFLOTW!
If it’s your bday, or someone you know, let me know! We have birthdays that pass us by without singing to them!

13th Of November Year 2019

A1) Back Squat – 5×4 @75%
A2) Weighted Strict Pull-Ups – 5×6

75 Double Unders
30 Power Snatches @75/55

***Every round increase the weight on the barbell!***

E.g. 5/10 pounds

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