Coats For Kids

I didn’t want to say bon voyage to the Open just yet… technically tomorrow there are a couple getting their 20.5 workout in, and the chance for any redos!! Also, I want to get into the swing of things by getting back to our beloved barbell work… and strength training! We intentionally take a step … More Coats For Kids

The Last Open Workout Of The Year… Let’s Celebrate! Shots!?

The last open workout of the Year…. Let’s celebrate! Shots!?  Wallball shots that is! Where was your mind at?? Oh yes that also reminds me of… Another reminder that our Celebratory Open Dinner will be on Saturday at 6pm followed by game night! 20.5 catches the eye.  Muscle Ups… and not just Ring Muscle Ups, … More The Last Open Workout Of The Year… Let’s Celebrate! Shots!?

Metabolic Conditioning

This session has an EMOM that leaves for much open interpretation. Choose a weighted movement that falls in the realm of an “Odd Object” or “Strongman” that you’ve been itching to do recently on one minute, and the second a movement that again, falls within the standards of the GOAT training (a weakness or something … More Metabolic Conditioning

Another Open Workout

We are on the last stretch of the Open… Second to last workout! 20.4 is going to be something else! It’s got heavy weights, gymnastics, technique, action, drama! It’s got it all…. and with only 3 movements. I love ascending ladder workouts, especially with increasing weights. This one should be fun. Pistols, or single-leg squats, … More Another Open Workout