I guess on a micro-sense, I am learning through the weeks, and on a larger macro-sense using those learned lessons to better understand what it is we are doing, and how we are doing it. We are becoming, and will be, the BEST gym in Las Cruces. I’ve put everything aside this year to position myself in a place that can best carry out our core values… these priorities putting first things first. I’ll do anything to make this a success and carry out the assignment that I know God is leading me and guiding me to do. Like a good father, He is leading me by the hand. I hear through movies and, what society deems “successful people” about how “driven” they are. “I’m determined and driven to succeed,” they say. Slaves are pushed and driven, sons and daughters are led. With every decision I make, I ask several questions like, “Is this good for the gym,” “Will it make it better?” This purchase was harder and more scary to make than any other is recent memory. It was the last funds I had from the loan I took out when I started CFLOTW, and this was a cushion and something I could fall back on for a rainy day. After about a year to be where we are working towards building this, more than a facility, but a home away from home and growing grounds and territory that produces an environment that can sustain my assignment. I ask those questions to myself and walk through the trust that stands on the shoulders of faith, and boldly take my steps. This is for YOU, and for EVERYONE… so please respect the equipment. It doesn’t come easy and doesn’t come cheap. I spend long hours trying to make this a place we can be proud of. Our new toys should arrive tomorrow, so I hope you guys are as excited as I am! It’s playtime!


18th Of November Year 2019

Back Squat
3X5 @75%
3X2 @85%

Ladder Increasing by 2’s
Dumbbell Snatches @50/35
Toes To Bar
OHS @95/65

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