I Want To Live Longer

I use to train, and I would train hard, because I wanted to make it to regionals.  Now, I want to live longer.  What do you want for those you are closer to?


I started CrossFit in 2009 at, what we call a, “Globo Gym.”  I’ve been coaching since 2010 after a week I got my first Level 1 Cert.  I was talking to Jerod about this video from the 2009 CrossFit Games.  It was the first year they started producing Behind The Scenes footage of the Games.  I enjoy sharing with you moments and ideas that impacted me in similar timelines where many of you currently are.  Back then, Josh Everett was my guy. For many years the athletes that competed in the 2009 Games talked about how tough that year was.  They have a series from each event that are on youtube.  The video below is one from the Deadlift ladder that immediately followed a 7k hill run at Dave Castro’s Ranch in Aromas, CA (They actually repeated this event a decade later on the 10th year anniversary of the CF Games).  The Deadlift video is my favorite video from that year.  I love this kind of intensity!

20th Of November Year 2019

30 Sec Row
5-10 Strict Pull-Ups
30 Sec Assault Bike
5 Wallcrawls

Double Unders

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